COVID Procedures


All coaches and athletes are required to wear masks, with the exception of outdoor erging and rowing in singles.


RCR participants are required to clean all handled equipment at the start and end of practices. This includes sterilizing oar handles and wiping down ergs.

Athletes will be placed in single sculls by default. Doubles and quads may be used if athletes are siblings, roommates, or give their consent to row in a group with masks.

General Safety Information

At RCR we prioritize safety first and foremost. All coaches, athletes, volunteers, and staff are expected to be vigilant in all matters of safety and report an issue immediately. We are committed to a safe and open environment for all of our people hereĀ at RCR and hold ourselves to the highest standards possible to make it happen.

The RCR safety plan is expected to be followed by all athletes, coaches, and volunteers.

As a USRowing member, RCR has adapted the following SafeSport policy: RCR SafeSport Policy